The basin is one of the most important elements in your bathroom. On it, we perform our essential daily tasks like brushing our teeth, putting on our makeup, doing our skincare and so much more. There is also something to be said about the style contributions of a basin. A beautiful basin elevates the visual appeal of the bathroom as a whole, and a bathroom that looks and feels great becomes the perfect place to unwind after a long day’s work.

All these considerations have led to stone basins gaining in popularity over the years. Stone basins — being both durable and aesthetically-pleasing — are an easy choice if you’re looking to instantly add a sense of elegance to your bathroom. If you’re looking for more information about stone basins, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, you’ll find a short but comprehensive rundown of the benefits of stone basins, the different types of stone basins for bathrooms and where you can find high-quality, natural stone basins in Australia.

Benefits of stone basins

From being able to last a lifetime with minimal care to elevate the look of your bathroom by striking the perfect balance of modern design and natural materials, the benefits of a stone basin are numerous. Let’s discuss the advantages of using stone basins in bathroom design:

  • Durability and longevity — Usually made from hard stones like granite – one of the hardest stones on earth — stone basins are a bathroom fixture that, once installed, won’t go anywhere for a very long time. If you’re looking for a one-time investment from which you can enjoy a lifetime of use, stone basins are the perfect solution.
  • Aesthetic appeal — Stone basins provide a natural beauty and unique pattern, depending on the type of stone. This allows you to introduce an element of the outdoors into a modern-looking bathroom. With the different types of designs available in places like ACS Designer Bathrooms, there’s certainly a stone basin that fits seamlessly with the existing bathroom design.
  • Easy maintenance — Being made from stone that’s sanded and polished to be smooth to the touch, stone basins are the ideal choice for a person looking to do minimal cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Weather resistance — The Australian weather can be temperamental sometimes, and you need fixtures that can withstand the many things nature can throw at them. Whether in the middle of a freezing winter or suffering the scorching summer heat, rest assured the stone basin in your bathroom can handle it all.

Now that you know why natural stone basins in Australia are the ideal choice for the aesthetically minded yet practical homeowner, let’s delve into the different types of stone basins available at ACS Designer Bathrooms — the trusted provider of high-quality bathroom accessories and fixtures.

Types of stone basins

At ACS Designer Bathrooms, we have a wide range of stone bathroom basins — each sourced from industry-leading manufacturers and sporting the latest modern design. Versatile as stone basins are, finding the right type can ensure a seamless installation and provide an overall cohesive look with the rest of the bathroom. Here are the various types of stone basins available:

  • Bench Mount Series — Exuding a modern and functional vibe, this simple but elegant type of stone basin can blend seamlessly with an existing countertop. It is also a space-saving solution, leaving enough space for toiletries and personal belongings.
  • Under Mount Series — With a sleek and integrated look, this style of basin fits beautifully into bathroom vanity units, and it has many advantages when compared to more traditional overmount styles. Instead of fitting a sink flush with your countertop, a stone under-mount basin is mounted to leave a small ledge, giving you a clean and contemporary finish.
  • Wall Mount Series — Another space-saving and visually striking option, this type of stone basin can be attached to a wall and takes up very little room when recessed into a vanity cabinet.
  • Semi-Inset Stone Basins — These basins are sinks that feature a slight overhang, giving them a unique style and providing depth to your bathroom’s design.
  • Freestanding Basin Series — If you have a space to spare, freestanding stone basins offer a striking centrepiece that captures attention. Elegant and flexible, these basins stand on stylish pedestals, providing added support and turning it into a stunning centrepiece that immediately draws the eye.

Choosing the perfect stone basin

If you’re having trouble selecting the right stone basin for your space, consider the following factors:

  • Existing design elements — Consider your bathroom's style and colour scheme, ensuring the basin complements the overall design. A modern bathroom design may be complemented by a freestanding basin, while the semi-inset basin is often used to go with more opulent or traditional bathroom designs.
  • Size and capabilities of your space — Before browsing for stone bathroom basins, take into account practical aspects such as size and installation type to maximise functionality. You can also ask one of our customer service representatives for help — simply give them your dimensions, and they’d be happy to find the perfect option.
  • Consider your budget — Different stone types offer varying price points to suit every budget. Even if you opt for the one with the lowest price, you can be certain you gained a stylish stone basin that’ll last a long time.

For natural stone basins in Australia, turn to ACS Designer Bathrooms

You need products that fit your space and your sense of design — whether you're renovating an existing bathroom, building a new house from scratch or replacing outdated bathroom fixtures. For many homeowners, stone basins are a fantastic alternative since they have strength and longevity with a lovely natural aesthetic. Stone basins also don't accumulate dirt and soap scum easily, making them easier to clean.

At ACS Designer Bathrooms, we always have a wide selection of basins in store, catering to all bathroom types and drainage systems. Our attractive stone bathroom sinks look great in a variety of settings, with their simple and natural appearance ideal for a modern bathroom. Apart from high-quality sinks, we carry a wide range of tubs, taps, toilets, vanities and bathroom accessories — allowing you to find all the pieces you need to make your space come to life, all in one place.

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