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Combine form and function with our selection of cabinet sinks, available for sale now at ACS Designer Bathrooms. A great choice for your bathroom, these sinks are equally at home in your kitchen or laundry room. With a kitchen cabinet sink, you have plenty of storage space for all of your cleaning products or a small trash can, which can be kept out of sight of guests to your home. A laundry cabinet sink allows you to keep stain removers, fabric softeners, and other laundry supplies close at hand so that they are always easily accessible when you need them. Visit one of our Sydney, Melbourne, or Queensland showrooms to check out our cabinet sinks in person to help you narrow down which one is right for your home.

A sink cabinet combines a stylish storage unit with a practical basin on top. ACS Designer Bathrooms stocks many different styles of sink cabinets, which are popular for bathrooms, kitchens, utility, and laundry rooms, or anywhere in the house where you want to add a sink. Take a look at our range online to get a quote or visit one of our showrooms to see our range in person.

What is a sink cabinet?

A sink cabinet is a type of cabinet that can be installed in your home to provide extra storage and includes a sink on top. There are loads of different styles of sink cabinets, frm single to double, corner units in both classic and contemporary styles.

Having an under sink cabinet is useful as it gives you a place to store your toothbrushes and toiletries in the bathroom or keep your cleaning supplies in the kitchen. This style of sink is also good at hiding ugly pipes, leaving any room with clean, tidy lines.

Sink cabinets can add an interesting feature to the room and tend to be easy to install, especially if there’s an existing sink in place and the plumbing is already set up.

Where can an under sink cabinet be installed?

You can install an under sink cabinet in most places where you’d usually install a sink. They’re often seen in bathrooms and work well in small spaces where there’s a lack of storage and you need a space for all your essentials. Or you can choose a double model for larger, shared bathrooms — finally, end the morning fight for the sink! 

An under sink cabinet is also perfect for spaces where you have dirty jobs. It’s easy to install these sinks in areas such as utility rooms and add a sink attachment such as a hose. Whether you’ve come home with muddy boots or the dog needs a wash, these sinks are really handy for keeping dirt out of the rest of your home.

You could also consider a laundry sink and cabinet for your laundry room. A laundry sink cabinet is handy for when you need to soak or remove excess dirt frm clothes before putting things in the wash. The cabinet underneath is useful for storing laundry detergents and other things you need for heavy cleaning. Keep them out of sight and the room tidy.

A sink cabinet can also work well in your kitchen, whether as your main sink or an extra one. Sink cabinets mean extra storage space, which is handy in any kitchen especially when it comes to avoiding cross-contamination of food.

At ACS Designer Bathrooms, you can shop for a wide range of sink cabinets frm high-quality brands. When you need to add a touch of luxe to a room, these stylish, well-made sink cabinets make an excellent feature. Get your quote online or drop into our showrooms to compare models.

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