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When it comes to elegance, it's all in the details. That's why high-quality bathroom accessories are the key to transforming a regular bathroom into something out of a magazine. Even seemingly simple pieces like a bath table or a stone toilet roll holder can give your bathroom a renewed sense of luxury.

To help you unlock your bathroom's potential, at ACS Designer Bathrooms, we source a range of stone accessories from some of the world's leading brands. This includes white stone bathroom accessories that can easily complement your space's current aesthetic. These stone look bathroom accessories make each bathroom look visually appealing while adding seamless functionality.

Buy bathroom stone accessories sets in Australia today

When you're looking for bathroom accessories made of stone, ACS Designer Bathrooms is the place to shop. We stock the very best range of natural accessories to match your bathroom's unique design. From bath trays to stone towel rails, we have everything your bathroom needs to impress you and your guests. If you think your bathroom could benefit from all of our pieces, buy stone bathroom accessories set to give your space the ultimate makeover today.

Have any questions about buying these gorgeous bathroom accessories made of stone? Please feel free to contact our team at your convenience by calling +61 2 9386 9809 (Woollahra) or +61 3 9428 9996 (Richmond). You can also complete our online form or stop by one of our showrooms. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why should I choose stone bathroom accessories?

Stone bathroom accessories are strong, durable, and less likely to be damaged by heat or water. They're incredibly smooth and have a luxurious feel that you and your house guests will love. Stone-coloured bathroom accessories are also very versatile and can be used to complement all the toiletry items you already own.

Are stone bathroom accessories durable?

Yes, natural stone bathroom accessories are very durable. They're heavy, sturdy, and resistant to damage from water or extreme heat. They're built to last considerably longer than the cheap plastic alternatives.

What type of stone bathroom accessories do ACS Bathrooms offer?

When you shop with ACS Designer Bathrooms, you can browse a wide range of stone-coloured bathroom accessories. This includes everything you need to put together a stylish modern interior, such as bath stone trays, bathroom stone stools, stone towel rails, stone hooks, and bath tables for items like towels, candles, plants, and books.

Why purchase a stone bath table?

Stone bath tables serve both a visual and practical purpose. Our stoneware selection features a variety of sleek and compelling shapes that can make any bathroom look high-end. However, these stone tables can also be used to elevate your baths with a splendid touch. They're convenient for keeping your bathtime reads, candles, and additional soaps and decoratives. Simply put, they help make every bath feel extra luxurious.

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