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At ACS Designer Bathrooms, we carry a wide selection of elegant basins from our ceramic series and stone series. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect style for your next bathroom renovation. We have bathroom vanity basins for every style of bathroom and ensuite you can think of. This includes wall-mounted basins, semi-recessed basins, freestanding washbasins, and more.

The basin is an important addition to any bathroom. Like the bathtub, it has the power to transform the style of the space. Thankfully, with ACS Designer Bathrooms, you really can't go wrong. Our ceramic and stone basins are made with care by the world's top brands. They're also versatile and easy to pair with your other bathroom features. That means you'll have no difficulty finding a piece that complements your bathtub, shower, and countertop.

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The variety of basins for bathrooms at ACS Designer Bathrooms is sure to impress you. We offer chic hand basins for bathrooms, rectangular models, and many others made of ceramic or stone. Depending on your needs and preferences, they also vary considerably in size, so you can easily purchase a small bathroom basin or a large bathroom sink basin.

If you have any questions about our bathroom vanity basins, please contact us. You can reach out to our knowledgeable team by calling +61 2 9386 9809 (Woollahra) or +61 3 9428 9996 (Richmond). You can also complete our convenient online form or view our inventory of bathroom basins in Australia at one of our showrooms.


Is it a sink or washbasin?

A sink and a typical bathroom basin have many things in common. Basins, however, are meant to be used in the bathroom, primarily to wash your hands and face. Basins in bathrooms also tend to come in a wider variety of shapes, including circular and square.

What is the purpose of a washbasin?

The purpose of buying basins for bathrooms is to have something reserved explicitly for washing your face and hands.

Which type of washbasin is best?

The type of washbasin you purchase should be based on your bathroom and preferences. If you want a sink that takes up relatively little space, for example, you can opt for a semi inset stone basin.

What types of washbasins are there?

There are several types of bathroom basins, including semi-recessed basins, semi inset stone basins, freestanding basins, and more. Our basins are made of either ceramic or stone.

How many types of washbasin are there?

There are too many types of bathroom washbasins to count. However, they primarily come in three shapes: round, oval, or rectangular.

What type of basins do ACS Bathrooms offer?

We offer ceramic bench mount basins, stone bench mount basins, ceramic under-mount basins, and stone under-mount basins — we also have ceramic wall mount basins, stone wall mount basins, semi-recessed basins, and more.

Why should I choose ACS Bathrooms for basins in Australia?

If you need a basin for your bathroom, look no further than ACS Designer Bathrooms. We have one of the most high-quality selections of bathroom basins online. Whether you're drawn to unique contemporary styles or timeless classics, you'll find a bathroom washbasin suited to your tastes. We also offer after-sales support, easy returns, and fast shipping Australia-wide.


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