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If you need new taps for your bathroom, stainless steel tapware is a trendy yet timeless option to consider. Our stainless steel taps are among the most popular in our broader tap series. They have a brushed metal look that's equally suited to both minimalist and modern styles. Their versatility has made them a staple of bathrooms in contemporary homes, coastal homes, and others across the country.

Stainless steel offers more than just style, of course. It's also incredibly strong, with considerable resistance to corrosion and both high and low temperatures. If you ever plan on reselling your home, stainless steel features like bathroom or kitchen taps will be very appealing to potential home buyers.

Order stainless steel taps in Australia with ACS Bathrooms today

ACS Designer Bathrooms is the best place to shop for stainless steel taps in Australia. Our tapware comes with a gorgeous finish that you'll notice every time you use your bathroom. If you don't find the fixture you're looking for, we encourage you to explore our whole collection, including our popular TOTO mixer series. We're confident that we have the perfect tap for you.

Please reach out if you have any questions about tapping stainless steel, ordering stainless steel bathroom taps, or anything else. To contact our helpful team, simply call +61 2 9386 9809 (Woollahra) or +61 3 9428 9996 (Richmond). You can also fill out our online form or see our inventory at one of our showrooms.


What should you consider when choosing stainless steel tapware?

When choosing stainless steel taps, you should consider two primary factors. These are the style of the room and the shape of the tap. If you're going for a modern or European style for your bathroom, stainless steel will be a good fit.

If you want a farmhouse aesthetic, consider a stainless steel wall-mounted tap that also walks for a French colonial style. The shape of the tap will play a significant role in the overall style of your bathroom, so make sure to give it lots of thought.

How do you choose stainless steel tapware accessories to suit your bathroom?

Select a stainless steel kitchen mixer tap with smooth lines for a modern look. Try a square tap with angular lines if you want something unique and ultra-modern. Or, for farm-style sinks, opt for a tap with curvy spouts for a country or traditional aesthetic.

What type of stainless steel tapware do ACS Bathrooms offer?

ACS Designer Bathrooms offers the very best taps for stainless steel, including models from top brands like Arto and Sussex. We currently carry stainless steel wall mounted taps, a series of freestanding taps, sink mixer taps, and more.

Why should I choose ACS Bathrooms for stainless steel tapware online in Australia?

You should choose ACS Designer Bathrooms for your stainless steel kitchen taps because we source our taps from world-leading brands. You'll love how our taps can elevate your bathroom's aesthetic to something more clean and elegant. As a bonus, we offer easy returns, fast Australia-wide shipping, and after-sales support

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