If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom and want to maximise the space, it’s important to choose a basin that meets your needs practically and aesthetically. Choosing the right style of bathroom basin can make all the difference in terms of how your new room looks and how practical it is to work with.

What to consider when choosing basins for bathrooms

There are so many bathroom basin options on the market, each with its pros and cons. To help you make an informed decision, we've put together a list of considerations to remember when choosing your new bathroom wash basin.


If you try to cram too much into too small a space, it will look cluttered and unappealing. You don't want something too large or small — it should fit comfortably into your bathroom. If it's too small, it won't be able to hold all your toiletries. If it's too big, it may not look good in its designated spot. 


Every bathroom has its interior style, whether modern, contemporary, traditional or industrial. Whatever your style, your bathroom sink basin must match the rest of the bathroom’s accessories and decor. It needs to match the faucets , and also other fixtures such as cabinets or mirrors.


The next thing to think about is what size basin will fit into the space available and meet all your requirements from style, shape, water capacity and so forth. You can check ACS Bathroom’s website and look at different basins to see which one fits into your budget and suits the look of your bathroom best.


Choose a material that matches your style. You can find ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel or stone bathroom basins in many different colours and finishes, so finding one that matches your home decor shouldn't be hard! 

Consider getting a copper basin if you're looking for something with some character. Stainless steel is probably the best choice if you want something that will last for years, as it is extremely durable and easy to maintain. 


Think about the space available and whether there are any restrictions on height or depth. If your sink is in the corner of your bathroom, you might want something more compact than if it's on a vanity countertop. You can add a small bathroom basin if it's a small area, so there’s still good space for traffic inside.

Frequency of use

Another thing to think about is how often you use your bathroom sink basin. If used daily, it makes sense to invest in something that will last for years rather than months or weeks! If you only use it occasionally, such as when guests visit, a cheaper option might be better suited for your needs.


You also need to consider how much money you want to spend on your new basin. There are plenty of options at all sorts of price points! But remember: you get what you pay for! So if you buy something cheap, don't expect it to last very long.

Which type of bathroom basin is best for your space?

There are different bathroom basins in Australia, but you can’t pick any type just because you like its style. So how do you select the right basins for your bathrooms? Take a look at some to consider below:

  • Freestanding basin
    A freestanding basin is a good option if you have limited space in your bathroom. This type of bathroom basin can stand on its own without being attached to the wall, which means it doesn't take up as much room as other basins do.
  • Wall-mounted basin
    Get a wall-mounted basin if you have the space for it. These basins are mounted on walls and can be used in any bathroom, even with limited counter or floor space.
    Wall-mounted basins come in different shapes, sizes and colours to match your bathroom layout. They also come with different features, so there’s bound to be something suitable for your bathroom.
  • Vanity unit with a built-in basin
    Get a vanity unit with a built-in basin if your bathroom has enough floor space. Vanity units with built-in basins are usually more expensive than other options, and it’s impossible to configure their size once bought. If your bathroom space changes, you must replace the entire vanity unit.
  • Corner basin
    Choose a corner basin if working with a small or oddly shaped bathroom. They use the space in the corner to their advantage by allowing you to place a sink and toilet in a single room, which means you'll save on space and money. The downside is that they can be difficult to clean because of their shape, so if this is an issue for you, then consider looking at a unit with a more traditional design.
  • Semi-recessed basin
    Buy a semi-recessed basin if your bathroom doesn't have much wall space available. This is also good if you want a large basin but have a small countertop. Half of the basin overhangs rather than being fully fitted into the counter. If you're planning on using the sink to wash your hands or brush your teeth, it's important to consider how much space is available in the bathroom. 
  • Undermount sink
    Consider getting an undermount sink if you want to maximise counter space in an existing vanity unit. An undermount sink allows for full use of the countertop. Undermount bathroom sink basins are also easier to clean because they don't have a lip that traps dirt or germs.  

Make an informed decision in choosing your bathroom basin

Indeed, there are many things to consider when choosing the right bathroom basin. You have to think about where you're going to place it, how much space you have in your bathroom and what style will suit your decor best. We've outlined some of the most essential choices above so that you can make an educated decision when making your next purchase! But if you’re still unsure, feel free to contact ACS Bathroom for more information.