A bathroom vanity is so much more than just a sink. It’s the hub of your bathroom that allows for personal grooming and the last check of your appearance before leaving for work or an event. Traditionally combining a countertop, mirror, and sink, nowadays, you’ll find many modern versions that include lighting and built-in shelves to make the unit more functional and luxurious. The best bathroom vanities make getting ready in the morning a much more pleasant experience. You can brush your teeth, shave, apply makeup, and groom your hair in one place.

Interested in buying the perfect vanity for your bathroom? You'll need to consider several factors to find the best modern bathroom vanity for your space. This includes the size, materials, how it matches your bathroom aesthetic, the amount of storage space needed, and more. With our helpful guide, you'll have all the information you need to ensure that you find the ideal vanity for your bathroom. Here are a few significant factors to consider when shopping for large and small bathroom vanities.

  • Keep your current aesthetic in mind

    When considering new bathroom vanity ideas, avoid styles that could clash with your bathroom’s overall look or is from a markedly different time period. If you're going for a more minimalist style, we recommend keeping it simple with a subtle all-white finish rather than one that incorporates multiple different materials and designs.

    If your bathroom has a more modern aesthetic, you could find one that uses an attractive and trendy material like oak to lend your space earthy tones for a sense of relaxation. The good news is you can find the best modern bathroom vanities, minimalist vanities, traditional vanities, and more at ACS Designer Bathrooms.

  • Prioritise bathroom-friendly materials

    Bathrooms tend to be very humid environments. That's why you need to prioritise bathroom-friendly materials that are resistant to humidity, as well as warmth from heat lamps and dried grooming products that have spilled. This includes materials like bamboo, acrylic, polyurethane, metal, glass, and some types of wood.

  • Consider extra storage space

    While pedestal basins offer a dramatic focal point in the room, they lack the integrated storage a busy household depends on to ready themselves for work and school. If your bathroom is cluttered and needs extra shelving, you should consider buying a vanity with shelving and drawers to keep your morning essentials neatly tucked away.

    If you want extra storage without having a cabinet under the sink, consider purchasing a mirror cabinet from our shaving cabinet series. These convenient pieces give you a cabinet and a mirror in one compact design. They also come in various sizes to complement your vanity and storage needs. We currently offer single, double, and triple-sized units to ensure you have all the space you need for a lifetime of beauty and hygiene products. With these cabinets, you can clear your countertop from an inevitable collection of products and make your bathroom appear more spacious. 

  • Choose carefully between a single and double

    Single, small bathroom vanities are a fine choice for cosy powder closets, secondary bathrooms and pool houses. With enough space to lay your personal care products, you can quickly complete your beauty routine without sacrificing room in your bathroom.

    Dual-sink bathroom vanities are a popular addition to master ensuites and shared bathrooms, doubling the usable counter space and functionality. With an additional sink and greater tabletop space, you and your partner can prepare for work or an event without making room for one another.

  • Measure, measure, measure

    One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying a vanity is to have not measured your bathroom beforehand. Before purchasing a vanity, decide where you want the unit installed in your bathroom, measure the space to ensure that your future vanity will fit in the spot, and confirm whether you need to redirect pipes to the new outlets.

  • Plan for potential obstacles

    Many vanities have drawers that pull out or doors that swing open. Once you've measured the place where you'd like your vanity, determine if you'll be able to open doors and drawers without hitting any obstacles, like the edge of your toilet or the corner of your bathtub. What's the use in having drawers or cabinets if you can't open them all the way?

  • Don't forget add-ons and accessories

    When shopping for a vanity, keep in mind what sort of add-ons appeal to you. While you can find many vanities online that already offer storage space, things like internal lighting can make all the difference in maintaining a functional design. You should also consider what bathroom accessories you may want to decorate with and whether or not your new vanity would have the counter space to support them.

If you’re looking for some bathroom vanity ideas and inspiration, visit ACS Designer Bathrooms’ showroom or explore the range online to find a variety of bathroom accessories you can use to complement your vanity. This includes our gorgeous heated towel rails, mirrors and other hardware in stainless steel and chrome. 

Find the best bathroom vanities at ACS Designer Bathrooms

Bring your bathroom vanity ideas to life with the amazing selection at ACS Designer Bathrooms. We're proud to offer a massive variety of the best bathroom vanities online, including pieces in our Benelli and Cube series. The Benelli series uses a lovely wood-style finishing with oak and walnut to create a more classic, traditional look. On the other hand, the vanities in our Cube series offer a more fresh and minimalist appearance.

Have any questions about our range or need some styling advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team — we’d be happy to provide you with assistance, so you can find the best bathroom vanities to suit your space. 

If you'd prefer to view our vanities in person, you're welcome to stop by one of our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms.