Bidet Series

Every designer bathroom needs quality tapware. The range of bathroom building supplies is constantly expanding and ACS Designer Bathrooms. We take pride in providing the highest quality bathroom taps at affordable prices. Indeed, we provide our customers with an excellent number of options to choose from, such as mixer taps in various finishes, freestanding taps or even stainless steel tapware. Our wide range of taps will ensure you find the right fit for any room you need to use water from. ACS Designer Bathrooms provide taps for basins but also for showers or kitchens. All mixers and tap sets comply with the Australian water restrictions and are WELS Rated. Our exclusive range of bathroom mixers comes with German Cartridges and boast a 17 year warranty (some exclusions apply). You’ll also find a selection of Italian and Australian manufactured products that are built to stand the test of time. You can check out all our taps in Sydney Melbourne and Queensland by visiting our walk in showrooms.

  • 2S Series

    2S Series (3331 1001 2SB)

    Bidet Mixer
    Size W 45 x D 120 x H 145 mm
  • Tweet

    Tweet (PACO-66)

    Bidet Mixer
    Size W 48 x D 116 x H 159 mm
  • Wave

    Wave (PACO-76)

    Bidet Mixer
    Size W 45 x D 108 x H 155 mm
  • Kelly Hoppen

    Kelly Hoppen (PACO-95)

    Bidet Mixer
    Size W 45 x D 140 x H 126 mm
  • Kelly Hoppen

    Kelly Hoppen (PACO-105)

    Bidet Mixer Square
    Size W 45 x D 140 x H 149 mm