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Here at ACS Designer Bathrooms, we are committed to excellence in the products that we offer and our collection of LAFEME is no different. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate even very small bathrooms, our wall mounted toilets offer enough variety to appease even the most discerning of shoppers. This category also includes floor mounted toilets, giving you even more selection in choosing the best toilet for your home. Visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, or Queensland to view our collection so that you can select the one that is the most comfortable for you. All of our products have a keen focus on design, making these toilets not just functional, but elegant and fashionable as well.

For a toilet that is light years into the future and the perfect complement to any modern bathroom, consider adding a Lafeme smart toilet to your design. At ACS Designer Bathrooms, we are proud to bring you the latest in bathroom technology so you can put those perfect finishing touches on your smart home. Lafeme is known for manufacturing some of the highest quality smart toilets in the market, and when you choose to buy frm the best, the product you receive will be far beyond any competitors in the market today.

Modern and minimalist in style

A Lafeme smart toilet is an ideal addition to the modern home. The rimless design makes cleaning a breeze with no edges to contend with, making this one of the most hygienic options for your bathroom. The sleek and modern design blends perfectly with today’s tasteful bathroom designs for a subtle feature that is a complement to your existing décor choices. The beauty of the Lafeme smart toilet is in the lack of requirement for a cistern of any kind, making this a neat and serviceable package for your bathroom with minimal work required for installation.

Maximum in smart capability

The smart features you will find in this futuristic appliance make the Lafeme smart toilet price one of the most affordable when compared to the perks you will benefit frm. The Lafeme brand is known internationally for producing smart toilets with countless features to make any visit to the bathroom in your home a seamless experience. frm the built-in night light to the oxygen-enriched cleaning capabilities, the multiple wash settings, to the ability to control certain features directly frm your smartphone, a Lafeme smart toilet will be a revolution for your bathroom.

Superior quality, guaranteed

When you purchase a Lafeme smart toilet frm ACS Designer Bathrooms, it will come with a 2-year warranty so you can enjoy peace of mind which can only be delivered by quality manufacturing. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best bathroom products to our customers around Australia, frmquality tapware to a Lafeme smart toilet price that meets the market nicely. For the finest in digital technology for your bathroom, ACS Designer Bathrooms is the supplier you can trust.

Contact our team or visit a showroom

We are proud to support the East Coast of Australia with 3 showrooms to visit in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. For those who cannot make it to a store in person, our expert team is happy to talk you through your bathroom choices. We offer an extensive range oftapware, includingstainless steel mixer taps andzip taps, to perfectly complement your new bathroom design. Contact us today for the kind of advice that only an expert can deliver and see how we can provide you with the finest quality Lafeme smart toilet that is the benchmark that other manufacturers aspire to.