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Wash Basins

Every bathroom needs a quality basin to complete the room and you can find everything you need in our bathroom sinks collection here at ACS Designer Bathrooms. Whether you prefer a freestanding basin or a wall-mounted design would suit your design and functionality better, you'll be sure to find what you are looking for in this collection. Bench-mounted models are also included in this diverse collection of sinks. Our bathroom basins come in both stone and ceramic varieties to suit your personal preference and decorative aesthetic. Sleek, stylish designs take the ordinary bathroom sink and elevate it almost to an art form, making these basins the focal point of your bathroom, and giving it an elegant edge that your guests are sure to admire.

  • Ceramic Series

    Here at ACS Designer Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your bathroom decor needs. Our selection of ceramic bathroom sinks delivers a series of sleek, innovative designs to...

  • Stone Series

    An elegant bathroom stone sink can transform your bathroom into a chamber of pure opulence. Our collection here at ACS Designer Bathrooms offers plenty of options so you can get the perfect stone basi...