Bathroom Showroom Melbourne

With over 20 years of experience in providing superior-quality bathroom furniture and accessories to our Australian customers, ACS Designer Bathrooms sells an expansive range of products that suit any modern home and budget. From bathtubs to sinks, wash basins, cabinets, vanities, showers, toilets, and a diversity of accessories, we help homeowners all over the country turn their bathrooms into small corners of paradise.

In addition to an expansive online catalogue, we also offer you the opportunity to drop by one of our bathroom showrooms in Melbourne, where you will find many of our products on display. Explore different looks, have a chat with our friendly representatives, and rely on us to make your bathroom the best it can be with quality products that fit your needs, wishes, and budget.

Decision-Making, Simplified

Making buying decisions is often a daunting, time-extensive process, but what if you can’t physically see the product you’re interested in? At ACS Designer Bathrooms, we make decision-making an easy task by providing you with the excellent opportunity of actually viewing, touching, and testing our products. Simply pop in our ACS Richmond showroom today!

Best-in-Class Pre- and After-Sales Support at Our Melbourne Bathroom Shops

Did you know ACS Designer Bathrooms has a reputation for providing best-in-class customer support before and after you’ve made a purchase? From inquiries to any technical, installation, or warranty-related matters, our representatives at our Richmond showroom are here to assist you in any possible way.

Enjoy the authentic ACS experience in one of the best bathroom shops Melbourne has to offer. Alternatively, you can call our showroom on +61 3 9428 9996 for any inquiries you may have.