60 Freestanding Bathtub

Get the Relaxation You Deserve With a Freestanding Tub

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance your home is equipped with a bathtub. Even if it's not, there's probably a house with a tub nearby. Sure, a shower can get you clean, but a bathtub allows you to really relax. After a rough day, there's nothing quite a soothing as some time in a nice warm bath. Whether you listen to your favorite tunes, light some incense, or use lovely smelling bath bombs, time in the tub can truly allow you to unwind.

However, many tubs just aren't designed for full-on relaxation. The standard drop-in tub and shower combination can make for cramped baths, and if you have a tub like this, you may not bother with relaxing soaks at all. If you want a tub that will give you the stress relief you crave, you should make a freestanding tub a part of your home.

Commonly called "claw-foot bathtubs", a bath like this looks elegant and feels great. You'll be able to make your tub as big as you like, and you can choose between a rectangular or oval shape. If you can afford to install one of these tubs, there really aren't any downsides. Some of the tubs are like works of art, and the feeling you get when you soak in them is amazing. Working with a designer will allow you to create the tub of your dreams. Want to relax in your master bathroom with a huge freestanding tub? A good designer can make that happen.

Still, freestanding tubs are expensive. Is the extra relaxation really worth the extra cost? You might be surprised to learn that there are benefits to a freestanding tub beyond a good soak. In spite of the initial financial burden, these tubs can save you money over time. They're less prone to plumbing problems and hold heat well. They can even help you avoid water damage in your bathroom! Plus, if you're looking into installing a brand new tub, a freestanding bath is much cheaper than the alternatives.

Another perk of freestanding tubs is the amount of space they free up. Need extra storage? You can install cabinets or a towel rack right alongside your tub! Standard baths may be small, but the three walls they require around them take up a lot of room. Freestanding baths give your bathroom room to breathe.

When you install a freestanding tub, you don't have to choose between aesthetics and practicality. You can choose a tub that's cost efficient and space saving that also happens to be gorgeous. When you install a freestanding bath, your bathroom will become one of the most special rooms in the house. The variety of materials these tubs can be made in allows for some exceptionally gorgeous designs. It'll be a place to get clean and a place where you can show off.

If you're dreaming of a relaxing soak, there's no reason to hold off on installing a freestanding bath any longer. Your beautiful tub will be a centerpiece of your home. When you step into that warm, expansive bath, you'll wonder how you lived without a freestanding tub for so long.