The 7 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends Right Now

Freestanding Baths

Gone are the days of the tacky yellow-and-green tiled bathrooms that still exist in your grandmother's house from the 70s. Today, modern and sleek bathrooms are all the rage and are considered one of the most important features that can increase the value of your home .

But as with all interior design, trends come and go. Rooms consisting of solely dark were super trendy back in the day but now are seen as old-fashioned. Don't fall into the trends of yesteryear with your bathroom: you want only the best and trendiest bathroom designs when remodeling.

Keep reading to learn about some of the newest bathroom design trends you should consider for your bathroom renovation.

1. High-Tech Bathrooms

It seems like everything has a high-tech upgrade nowadays with everything from "smart" refrigerators to automated doorbells. This technology trend doesn't stop at the bathroom door, either.

There are a few bathroom gadgets that are becoming increasingly popular in 2018.


High-tech toilets aren't just something for a Futurama episode, anymore. These techno toilets have automatic flushing, built-in night lights, heated toilet seats, bidet features, auto-sanitation, auto-cleaning, and even features automatic lid raising and lowering.

Heated Flooring

No longer do you have to dread stepping on that ice cold bathroom floor on those frigid winter mornings. More and more bathrooms are installing heated flooring to avoid the cold shock that we've all come to dread.

Heated Towel Rack

People really don't like to be cold, do they? Imagine stepping out of a warm, relaxing shower and wrapping yourself with a pre-warmed towel.

This is no longer a feeling reserved for the spa. Heated towel racks are a simple upgrade that has become trendy for bathrooms this year. It's a simple and easy bonus that can fit in most budgets and adds a very special touch to any bathroom remodel.

2. Large Bathtubs

With the emergence of trends like bath bombs and specialty soaps, people are wanting large and luxurious bathtubs to go with those things. The old-school bath-shower combo isn't enough for some people anymore.

Large tubs with jets and luxurious faucets are super trendy for 2018 bathroom remodels. Most all bathtub materials are still in, and it will mostly depend on the theme of the remodel: porcelain tubs, stone tubs , cast iron, etc.

But bigger does seem to be better.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs

Continuing on the trend of bathtubs, freestanding stubs are more popular than ever. These elegant and interesting additions will likely be the focus of a bathroom remodel.

This is definitely a more modern design trend that takes hints from traditional bathrooms that would feature a tub and a tub only. Whether this trend came from people seeing freestanding tubs on TV programs like Game of Thrones, or whether they were inspired by Taylor Swift's diamond bath in one of her latest music videos, we're not sure.

Whatever the case, consider a freestanding tub for your new bathroom to feel like elegant royalty even if you don't get to bathe in diamonds as Taylor did.

4. Neutral Colors with Black Features

The past few years have been all about the metallic features. Copper, brass, gold, and silver doorknobs, faucets, towel racks, etc.

While these haven't fallen by the wayside, the newest and trendiest features are in black. Black with neutral colors isn't new per se: that's a classic combination, especially in bathrooms.

But the sleek, and especially matte, black features are now more popular than ever. You can find black shower heads, doorknobs, faucets, wall racks, toilet paper holders, and basically any other feature in a cool and sleek matte black finish .

These features will make the bathroom look as modern as possible, which is definitely on trend.

5. Pops of Color

On the polar opposite end of black is the idea of color. Many bathrooms fall into the "neutral zone."

While there's nothing wrong with neutral colors (that's popular for a reason!) a new emerging trend is bringing back pops of color in the bathroom.

Consider an accent wall of pink, pale yellow, or green. However, we recommend that you stay away from darker colors and stick with the lighter ones. Darker colors aren't quite back in yet, and it will make your light and modern bathroom look much older and "heavier".

This will make your bathroom stand out amongst the millions of black and white versions.

6. Naturally Integrated Showers

Spas and celebrity mansions aren't the only ones with natural, open showers anymore. Many modern bathrooms are going with the overhead shower head that's positioned naturally within the bathroom with no doors, containment, or bathtub.

This adds a luxurious touch to any bathroom, as it feels like you're at a specialty spa. Overhead shower heads are perfect for this style of shower, with a simple drain at your feet to drain the water.

This is also a great trend for those with smaller bathroom spaces. You can fit in a cool and modern design trend easily without the need for doors or bulky shower-bath combos.

7. Concrete, Marble, and Other Unique Materials

Tile and ceramic are classic and traditional materials used for bathroom walls, floors, etc. But one recently we've been seeing much more variety with the materials used to construct bathrooms.

For an industrial, modern, and sleek feel, consider concrete. This looks great for flooring, walls, and vanities as well. You can even have a bathtub constructed from the same material.

For a real touch of luxury, consider marble walls, floors, vanities, etc. This will maintain some of the traditional feel of the bathroom while making it feel expensive (which it is) and luxurious.

Bathroom Design Trends of 2018: Wrapping Up

Any one of these bathroom design trends will elevate your bathroom to the next level. Try combining a few of these trends to really get the most out of your remodel.

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