Cast Stone Freestanding Bath

Bring Elegance to Your Bathroom With A Freestanding Bath

There's nothing quite so luxurious as a freestanding bath to come home to soak in after a hard day at the office. Whether you selеct a cast stone freestanding model or a more economical acrylic material model, you can lend an air of aristocracy to your bath with timeless elegance. There are a wide array of quality baths to selеct from in a wide variety of sizes to fit any budget. Here are some of the things you should consider before you selеct your new freestanding bath tub.

Bathroom Size

How much space do you have to work with? Many erroneously believe that a freestanding tub will only work in a large sized bath. This isn't true. There are a wide array of freestanding baths that will fit any sized bathroom. Whether you choose to fit it tightly into a corner or in the center of the room you can find a tub to fit your needs. You'll want to have a bit of space around the tub for cleaning purposes.

Bath Shape

Available in a wide array of shapes, freestanding tubs will fit nearly any bathroom in your home. You can draw the designs out on paper or simply use a tape measure to figure out where everything will fit. These methods will help you to decide on the proper size and shape of your new tub for your bathroom size.

Bath Materials

Available in a wide array of materials you'll find something to suit every budget. A classic copper choice will work well for some while a modern day acrylic will fit into another budget or bathroom more easily. Perhaps you'll choose to selеct from a cast iron style tub. :You'll want to take into consideration the size and weight of your tub and consider what your floor can withstand for weight. Remember, this should be the weight when water and a person are in the tub, not just the empty weight tub.



Since this type of tub doesn't have a surround you'll want to consider the plumbing. Generally the plumbing shows so you'll want something that shows off ifs good looks in your bath. There are a wide array of materials and tap styles to consider so you should easily be able to pull together the look you desire for your new bath.

From Modern to Elegant

Whether you're selеcting a freestanding stone style bath or a more modern acrylic style bath, you'll find that you still have many more choices to make. You can selеct from a slipper top or a chic egg shape and many other options. You'll find that you have a wonderful opportunity to make your own bold statement in your bath once you selеct your tub style. You'll also find that there are many budget options that will still leave you with a nice looking bath that is still full of luxury and style. No idea is too large or too small when remodelling or building your dream bath. You'll find there is something for just about everyone in these tubs.