Ascot Dolce Free Standing Bath 1500

Ascot Dolce Free Standing Bath 1500: Bathtub Options for Small Bathrooms

It takes time and planning to plan a new bathroom, especially if you have only limited space with which to work. You'll have to pay close attention to details and consider the way you wish the room to look before you begin any of the work. You'll want to know what your goal is. Having a small bath doesn't mean you can't treat the space with design and warmth. You'll want to create an oasis in which you can relax into a cozy retreat and unwind after a hard day. Before you begin, you'll want to accurately measure your space and know how much of it you can utilise for your new free standing bath.

Options for Small Bathrooms

If you have a smaller compact sized bathroom, you can still include a luxurious bath and thankfully they now have many space saving tub styles that you can readily incorporate into your bath. These include straight steel and acrylic baths as well as corner bath units and shower baths. You can find Ascot Dolce free standing baths 1500 and smaller sized tubs typically measure in at 1500 mm or 1600 mm in length which make the the ideal choice for a smaller sized bathroom.

Effectively Using Space

You'll want to make the most of your available space and here are a few ways you can make this work. Example, use wall mounted toilets and basins to create and open up more floor space. Free floating utilities lend an air of more space and create the illusion of a larger room. Space saving utilities are readily available on the market today and easy to come by. With smaller sized features you'll find that the toilets have a shorter projection than a regular sized toilet. Corner basins also lend themselves well to creating this illusion.

Keep in mind that you'll want the essentials out of sight. Keeping surfaces clutter free will help to keep the illusion of more space going and remember to  keep things neat and tidy. Put everything in its place and have a home for every item used in the bathroom area. think cabinets that double as mirrors, mirrors can also open up a smaller sized room and make it appear larger.

Small Tubs

One of the greatest advantages in a small bath is the Ascot Dolce free standing bath 1500 which can easily be installed in a small sized bathroom. Smaller tubs are just as effective and efficient as their larger sized counterparts when it comes to having space in a bath.

Also, be aware that free standing tubs are very stylish and well work well in any sized bathroom. Modern or traditional styles lend themselves well to this style and since the tubs aren't attached to walls they are easier to keep clean and maintain. If you wish to move things around they also lend themselves well to that since they are free standing. As long as the plumbing can easily and readily be relocated these tubs can be moved as often as desired. Many homeowners find that fitting a tub into a bath can be a huge challenge, not with these tubs. You'll find many shapes and sizes from which to selеct.