Air Jet Freestanding Bathtubs

Have All the the Charms of a Spa at Home With a Air Jet Freestanding Tub

Once upon a time, people didn't think much about what kind of bathtubs they wanted. Now, homeowners have all kinds of options. Days could be wasted just reading up on the many different kinds of tubs available. However, while there are many options out there, there are few bathtubs that have it all. One bathtub might look fantastic, but be tricky to clean. Another might function well in your home, but lack durability. However, there's one kind of tub that has it all: an air jet freestanding bathtub.

These tubs can make you feel like you're taking a relaxing spa vacation every time you step in the bath. Their name comes from the air jets found at the tub's bottom. These jets produce bubbles, which has earned the tub the nickname of "bubbler". As the bubbles move upwards, they massage your body, allowing you to relax in ways you never could before. Because the tub is freestanding, it's absolutely stunning to look at, and it can give an entire bathroom an elegant look.

How do they compare to whirlpool baths?

If you want a spa experience, you do have one other option - a whirlpool bath. Still, a little bit of research should reveal that air jet tubs are often the smarter choice. Whirlpool tubs shoot water, which gives them a harsher flow. If the tub will be used by someone with sensitive skin or someone who is elderly, this type of tub is ideal.

Another benefit of air jet tubs are how easy they can be to clean. As mentioned above, these tubs truly have it all! An air jet tub is able to clean itself for the most part, and you won't have to worry about deep cleaning. All you'll really need to worry about is maintaining the jets. Keeping a whirlpool bath clean can take a lot of work, as they need to be cleaned with a special solution. Whirlpool baths also don't allow you do use bath oils or salts, which can take away from the spa experience.

That said, whirlpool baths can be a better decision for some. Because the pressure from their jets is so high, they provide a deeper body massage. This is a drawback for some, but a huge benefit for others. It's up to you to decide which choice is best for you.

What to look for while shopping

When you start looking at air jet tubs, you'll have a lot of different things to consider. These tubs are available in a variety of shapes and styles, but not every tub will work with every bathroom. If your space is limited, a corner tub could be ideal. If you have extra room, a round tub can be really luxurious. There are also additional features you may want to consider. For example, handheld shower attachments can be really convenient, especially for someone who is elderly. You might also want to get a tub made from a special material.

If you want to bring the spa to your home, an air jet tub is the way to do it! These tubs deliver that luxury experience like no other. Take the time to look at some air jet bathtubs and see if they might be right for you.