Acrylic Freestanding Bath Perth

Acrylic Freestanding Bath Perth: Benefits and Options for Homeowners

Gaining popularity, freestanding baths are the ideal solution for some old world traditional charm. Many love the art form that they represent. When it comes time to selеct an acrylic freestanding bath, Perth residents will have many options to selеct from. First impressions are important and this is an ideal way to give any bathroom a unique and old world charm first impression. The acrylic is chemically inert, impervious to most chemicals, has smooth sleek lines that are fresh and inviting and cleans up very easily with a mild non abrasive liquid cleanser. Unfortunately, acrylic tubs are generally more expensive than their fiberglass counterparts.

Advantages of Acrylic

Acrylic is a wonderful product with a naturally lustrous sheen resembling glass. It also offers many benefits including that it is non fading and non porous thus it will last for many years to come. Acrylic has great insulation properties so your bath will retain its warmth longer than had you selеcted a traditional style tub made from porcelain or other materials. The fact that acrylic is lightweight is also a great bonus as it means you never have to reinforce flooring in a bathroom or on the upper floors of your home should you wish to have a freestanding style bath.

Acrylic freestanding baths are beautiful with a high gloss finish and come in a variety of colors that go all of the way through the product in lieu of only a top coating. A simple process of sanding the surface will quickly eradicate any scratches and no expensive equipment is required. Any fine wet sandpaper or dry sandpaper will take care of scratches. A quick buff with a dry cloth and some rubbing compound will restore the high gloss and you'll have a clean and shining bath once again. Remember that many cleaners are caustic and could damage surfaces. You'll want to care for you tub to help maintain its sheen for many years to come and to preserve its life as well.

Making Your Selеction

When choosing your bath, you'll want to make sure that it will fit in with your home décor. You'll require slightly more space for a freestanding tub and you'll need to make sure that you have the space required before determining the tub you'll be purchasing. Plumbing will also require a bit more space as it's all external and will be seen vs plumbing that is hidden in a wall. There are a variety of choices for tub styles here including smaller corner style models.

Freestanding tubs are very attractive and can quickly draw attention as a centerpiece to your bath. They have a wide array of sizes and shapes that will suit most any taste palate. Classic oval shapes work well for most baths but some will challenge that concept. A corner style or something smaller will work just as well in these cases. Very reasonably priced many worry that they are more expensive than regular tub models. This isn't true and there is a style for every budget when it comes to freestanding tubs. Perth carries many varieties that will compliment any bathroom, budget or function.