60 Sheba Freestanding Acrylic Slipper Tub

Remodeling Your Bathroom With A Beautiful New Freestanding Bathtub

Are you planning on redecorating your home?  If so, you will probably find that, next to the kitchen, your bathroom is the most expensive room to remodel. This is especially true when you are planning to add luxurious bathroom fixtures such as a Sheba 60 inch freestanding tub. This beautiful tub comes with many outstanding features, including air or water jets.

True, even though your bathroom is probably nowhere near the largest room in your home, you should still understand that it will be fairly expensive to remodel. This is because much of the work needs to be done by building professionals such as plumbers, electricians and/or other building contractors.

One way you can ensure that you don't waste resources is by properly planning out the entire job before you begin the project. Whenever you end up making changes after the work has been started it can become very costly. For that reason, it is important to do all your planning first.

Let's look at a situation that will illustrate this point. Say you are adding a Sheba freestanding acrylic tub. These tubs are fairly large and may not fit through a normal bathroom door. By taking all of the necessary dimensions ahead of time, you can make sure that your tub is placed in the room before the construction on the bathroom door is completed. After all, no one wants to have to tear into a wall after the construction has been completed. 

Once your remodeling project is completed, you'll find the addition of your sixty inch Sheba free standing acrylic tub will provide your bathroom with an air of luxury --- and a perfect place to relax and de-stress. The tub is designed with a sleek and gentle slope, perfect for luxuriating in the warm, bubbling water. In addition, this beautiful tub is thermally insulated --- it is designed with two sheets of acrylic sheeting that creates thermal insulation between them. As a result, your new tub will continually provide you with a tub that maintains continual warmth and comfort.

You can purchase your new Sheba freestanding acrylic tub with or without an overflow.  Your tub may be ordered with a special drain with a pop-up, including a special swivel head press with seal to prevent overflow. This overflow feature is permits you to adjust the depth of your water.

What type of faucets would you like with your new tub?  Faucets are sold separately from the tub, which is a good idea.  Why?  Because this allows you to choose a faucet set that best matches the rest of your bathroom. You will find dozens of beautiful faucet designs that will not only complement your tub, but also the rest of your bathroom.  For instance, you may have your faucet  installed in the wall, or you can choose a design that has the plumbing come up through the floor. When there is available room, many decorators choose to place the tub away from the wall so you can walk around it. This makes it much easier to clean and also provides the room with a good look.

One thing we know for sure --- once your new Sheba freestanding acrylic tub is installed, you will want all your friends and neighbors to visit your bathroom to see your beautiful new tub!