2 Person Freestanding Spa Bath

Freestanding Bathtubs Deliver a Stylish Spa Experience

Sometimes, it seems like home design trends are constantly changing. Is it worth putting money into your bathroom when people always want something else? There are a few home upgrades that are truly timeless, and one of them is freestanding bathtubs. These stylish tubs manage to look simultaneously old fashioned and modern, and will appeal to almost anyone's taste. The design of these bathtubs is so well liked that it's become a popular option at upscale hotels.

When a new house is constructed, a lot of things are considered. While older homes often had odd design choices, modern homes are all about maximizing space and functionality. This is great for a number of reasons, but it can be a problem with the bathtub. Tubs are hidden away in corners or sides of the room and are build into the home rather than their own distinct piece.

You may think that if you opt to go with a freestanding bath, you'll lose space. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Think about your standard bath. It usually has walls built around it, right? When you install a freestanding tub, you can use those walls for shelving or towel racks. That frees up a lot of space. You can also have a freestanding tub shaped around your corner so that it'll take up the minimal amount of space. No matter what you decide to do with your bathroom, it's obvious that a freestanding tub will be a showpiece. It's a beautiful place for you to relax, and it'll give you the kind of bathroom you can show off to friends.

If you'd like to make your bathroom look particularly elegant, you may want to place your freestanding tub on a single step platform. While you'll have to make sure this type of design works with your plumbing, it can be a great design choice. Speaking of design, you should remember that freestanding tubs are made with top-quality, heavy materials. If your home is well constructed, the weight shouldn't be a problem, but they can lead to problems if your house isn't in great shape.

You can find a freestanding tub in all kinds of shapes and styles. Want a classic looking, clawfoot style tub? Do you have the space for an ultra luxurious round tub? Whatever your taste, you can find a freestanding tub that's perfect for you. Pair your tub with the ideal fixtures, and you've got something really special. Although these tubs cost a lot up front, they can pay for themselves in a number of ways. They're durable and efficient, and because the design is timeless, they can really add value to your home.

If you want the ultimate in luxury, you should take a look at a freestanding spa tub built for two people. Couples can comfortable soak together in one of these tubs, and the spa features make it a truly relaxing experience. You can get a massage from water jets or add a built-in music player. To enhance the experience, you can choose a really beautiful design for your bath. A tub like this will make you want to stay in for dates.