1500mm Freestanding Bath

Freestanding Bathtubs-Modern Choice for Your Bathroom Experience

Modern living has elevated everything to a whole new level even in the most basic places such as the bathroom. Traditional bathtubs were indeed quite luxurious then, but now they do not in the least match up to the current standards. The initial rectangular baths which had to be placed against a wall are now obsolete in the new modern bathrooms which come with elegant tubs that are freestanding and can be fixed at any position. Coming in various shapes and sizes, these tubs range in classic designs such as the ultra-contemporary tubs or the roll top claw feet baths with curvy features. The sizes also vary length coming in standard dimensions such as 1300mm or the 1800 mm but this does not mean that you cannot have one custom made to your specific needs.

Sizes to Choose From

Choosing a sizeable bathtub revolves around a number of factors such as the space available in the room or the size of the users. The 1300 mm length tub is indeed a good choice for those under 5 feet and with children, but too small for the average adult who needs space for pampering purposes.  With this said, the lengthy 1800mm tub proves to be a favorite attributed to its extreme comfort and luxurious features. This however, does not make it the most popular as the 1500mm freestanding bathtub has all the ideal features for modern living. With elegant finishes and quality materials, the freestanding tub is guaranteed to turn your space into a mini spa. It has been built to fit in most bathrooms without having to necessarily squeeze it against the corner walls meaning it can be placed at the center of the room which indeed adds an exotic and unique feel to it.

Acrylic Freestanding Bathtubs

In every hardware product, the type of material used matters most in that it will determine a number of factors such as the durability, price and of course quality. The same applies to bathtubs as well and top of the range on the market currently has to be the freestanding acrylic bathtub which may be more expensive than your regular tub, but worth every penny. The best thing about the thick acrylic used on these tubs is its distinctive ability to retain heat thus keeping the water warm for longer periods.


Acrylic used on the freestanding baths is thick enough to guarantee durability and rigidity translating to a lifetime’s service. The strong material is indeed robust and the most damage it can be subjected to is maybe a little chipping here and there if not maintained unlike other tubs which crack. Repairing this is also not daunting in the least as all you need is an acrylic repair kit and a few D.I.Y tricks to bring it back to life. In comparison to other baths, the freestanding acrylic bath is way lighter than the cast iron baths, has a smoother finish than your regular enamel bath translating to easier cleaning and indeed much more durable than most if not all.

Pleasurable Bath Experience

It is quite obvious that few tubs can match up to the 1500mm freestanding acrylic tubs. The timeless design and features guarantee a lifetime’s service of unmatched luxury that blends in with any décor or color theme owed to the wide variety available.