1500 Freestanding Bath Melbourne

How I Renovated My Melbourne Bathroom

Ever since I moved to my new Melbourne apartment, I have never liked the bathroom.  I liked most of the decor, so I must have similar tastes to that of the previous owner.  However, I have always felt the bathroom seemed very dreary.  It looked, quite frankly, like a holdover from the 1980s and didn't compliment the apartment's style at all.  In my previous apartment in Sydney, I absolutely loved the freestanding claw foot bathtub that I had there.

Like many women, I do spend lots of time in my bathroom.  I love spending time pampering myself and soaking in a warm bath to relax.  However, for the past six months, each time I went into the bathroom, I groaned.  That was a sign to me that I should make renovating the bathroom a priority.  I made a promise to myself that I would remodel the bathroom in my Melbourne apartment and get a nice looking freestanding bath as so as I could afford it.

Trends In Bathroom Decor

While I was looking around in some Melbourne home decor shops, I noticed there were some new bathroom design trends.  One thing that appears to be the rage is papered bathroom walls.  Obviously, you need to use a special kind of wallpaper that won't come down in damp and steamy environments.  I considered trying wallpaper, however since I was on a budget and needed to get things right the first time, I decided to go with tile instead.  I selđÁcted pastel floral patterned tile, which I think is going to be perfect for the relaxing and contemporary look I am trying to achieve.

Another thing I noticed was that many bathroom furniture items have soft edges  these days.  This is opposed to the 1990s, when hard geometrical lines were very popular.  I have seen some very nice bathtubs, shower stalls and bathroom cabinets with very nice curves.  I really think soft edges provide a room with a very relaxing feeling.

Another thing that took me by surprise was just how many different customisable toilets are available these days.  Many different options are available to help make the bathroom more user friendly, including small toilets for houses with children, large toilets for bigger adults, as well as toilets that allow for squatting or sitting.  All of these options together address the needs of diverse cultures living in today's Australia.

Bathtub Choices

With all the many different bathtub shapes that were available, it was really hard for me to choose one.  Eventually, I ran into a Melbourne 1500 freestanding bath webpage.  For me, this was perfect.  There was a showroom located only 20 minutes away from my house.  So after I chose a tub on the website, then I went in person to see the bathtub before buying it.

Longer tubs are available for tall people.  The largest freestanding bathtub that I have seen, I believe was 1800.  The Melbourne 1500 freestanding bath company did have some nice claw foot bathtubs that are a lot like my old one.  However, I decided it was time for a change and ordered a white oval shaped bathtub.  It resembles a gigantic wash basin in a luxury bathroom.  I am so looking forward to the tub getting here.