1500 Freestanding Bath Brisbane

How I Remodeled My Home In Brisbane

Recently, I had a brand new freestanding bathtub installed at my new house in Brisbane.  Honestly, this is the best thing I ever bought for the house; for practical, for comfort and for aesthetic reasons. 

When you drive through different Brisbane suburbs, you notice that there are considerable changes in the homes' character.  You see many different styles spanning over a 100 year time frame, reflecting the different time periods when the various suburbs were built.  Recently, I moved to Carindale.  The suburb has numerous brick veneer houses built on concrete slabs.  I purchased a house that since 1970 had been home to an elderly woman.  Recently she passed away.  The house really needed to be renovated, and the woman's family were hoping to sell the home quickly.  Therefore, I bought the house for a great price.

Even though I got a big bargain on the house, when it came to the remodeling, I still had a tight budget to work with.  I made the decision that the bedrooms and lounge didn't need any renovations done.  All they were in need of was thorough cleaning and a fresh new coat of paint.  However, the kitchen and bathroom were a completely different story.  These two rooms had to be gutted and completely renovated.

I live alone and work long hours, so I don't spent a lot time in my kitchen.  During the week, in fact, I hardly even use the kitchen.  The only things I really use it for are taking cold drinks out of the refrigerator or making a cup of tea for myself occasionally.  The area where I live has many takeaway food outlets.   It is a lot easier for me to buy a meal that is already prepared or grab a salad from one of the buffets, than it is for me to go home and have to cook a meal after working all day long.

Even on weekends, I really don't spend hours in the kitchen cooking.  I might make myself a simple meal or fix a sandwich.  However, I really don't need expensive cooking equipment or all the latest kitchen gadgets.  I would, in fact, be very happy having a blender to make smoothies, a fridge and sufficient workspace for making a salad or fixing a sandwich.

However, the bathroom is an entirely different story.  I love spending time in my bathroom unwinding and listening to music.  My work can be very demanding in both mental and physical ways.  There is nothing I would rather do than prepare myself a hot bath and soak away all of the stress from my long and hard day at work.  For me, it was very important that I didn't spend too much on renovating the kitchen.  Instead, I wanted to save most of renovation money on creating a fabulous bathroom.

We are very fortunate these days to be able to shop online for home decor and furniture.  Even when we don't end up making our final purchases online, we can still get great ideas about what items are available.  When you shop locally, this is usually not possible.  Instead, you have to choose from what is in stock at the time.  One time when I was doing some Internet surfing, I ran across some fabulous 1500 freestanding bath offers in Brisbane.  There was also the ability to order online, and it came with Australia-wide delivery.  In addition, the company had several showrooms located fairly close to my house.  So before making any final decisions, I got to actually go see different bathroom furnishings.

There are several different things to consider when shopping for a new bathtub.  The 1500 freestanding bathtub offer from Brisbane that I selected is a beautiful contemporary bath and has the appearance of a very large basin.  This kind of tub, however, is not suitable for all bathrooms.  You do need a fairly spacious area for it.  Plumbing requirements for this bath will also need to be checked.  They are different than for regular bathtubs.  For example, plumbing for a freestanding bath needs to allow waste water to run through the bathroom floor.  Before ordering this kind of bathtub, make sure you will be able to do this with your house structure.