Whirlpool Tub Shower Surround

Turning your Bathroom Space into a Mini-Spa

Mainly owed to the hassles and tussles that life throws at us, finding time to relax can be quite a mean feat. We all have our different ways of letting off the steam after a long day’s work which can range from having one or two beers, to finding solace in a movie but not me. These are definitely enjoyable activities no doubt about that, but my definition of relaxation is quite different. Three things set the mood right and they are my favorite glass of wine, classic music and a large bathtub to complete the picture. Looking down memory lane, some years back I had to move from my previous rented apartment for work related reasons which did not go down well with me for obvious reasons. I left behind an amazing freestanding bath only to find an old, dusty bathtub which seemed to have seen better days.

Finally, I recently bought my very first home and the first thing on my agenda was to turn the bathroom into a space that I could look forward to after a hectic day. The big idea was to achieve a blend of elegance and tranquility which is the ideal definition of modern living if you ask me. I made a list of products and their attributes to match my taste and the first challenge I faced was what type of tub to procure. After adequate research and soul searching, I decided to replace the regular rectangular tub in place with a whirlpool tub which is one of the best decisions. The tub elevates the bathroom experience to a whole new level with powerful water jets in place designed to massage your body. True, it may not be the most pocket friendly tub on the market but it will save on money used on leisure activities such as massage parlors and spas over time. If modern living and extreme comfort rank high on your list, then you most definitely will not go wrong with this tub. Available also are whirlpool fixtures which can be fixed on your current tub if your budget does not allow you to go full circle.

The whirlpool tub shower surround was also part of my spree which allows for shower applications within the tub designed for those desperate times when a long bath is the last thing on your mind. Besides letting you take showers, the shower surround bath system enables you to place your whirlpool bathtub in any position desired in the space without having to necessarily squeeze it against a wall. Awesome, right? That’s what I thought too.

With the hardware now in place, the next step was the color selection which was much easier as I had already pictured it way before the project. I settled for a pale yellow finish on the walls which easily complimented the shelves and cabinets in place. There are several other colors to choose from if a relaxing environment is what you want to achieve such as lavender or beige. Finally, a large mirror was all I needed to add dimension besides serving its obvious purpose.