Tub Shower Combo For Elderly

Factors To Consider When Buying A Tub And Shower Combination

There is no doubt that safety is a top priority when it comes to living quarters for senior citizens. Bathrooms are particularly important, because that is where there is greater risk of slips, falls and injuries. When contemplating the appropriate equipment for a bathroom intended for use by an elderly individual, it is necessary to decide whether to build a bathtub, a shower stall or a combination of the two. Researching the topic and gathering information on possible options is the best way to make the right decision.

Shower vs. Bathtub

For individuals who enjoy long, leisurely soaks, a bathtub can be a terrific choice. But, elderly individuals may find attempting to get into a tub to be quite a challenge indeed. The good news is that numerous configurations and options exist, including some that are customized to suit the specific needs of senior citizens. Elderly folks who like to take showers rather than baths may decide to have a shower unit installed that allows them to sit. Such units provide a seat area that can be used while showering as well as railings that offer an extra layer of safety. It is always possible to install a shower chair that is independent of the stall itself for those who only want to make a minor adaptation to the existing structure.

Combining Tub & Shower

Countless individuals, including those of advanced age, like the flexibility of a tub and shower combination unit that affords them the luxury of choosing between baths and showers on any given occasion. There are numerous options available on the market, though it is always wise to perform a thorough assessment of individual needs before buying.

Some tub units are designed specifically to fit the needs of elderly individuals or those with physical handicaps. An example of this is a walk-in bathtub that makes for easier ingress and egress. The fact that there is no need to swing the legs over the tub sides to enter the bath makes this a smart, safe choice for many seniors. Another desirable aspect of such units is the fact that they offer the relaxing qualities of a bath while also greatly saving on space in the bathroom itself. Because of these characteristics, the popularity of such units has extended beyond the elderly demographic to reach those who have limited bathroom space in their residence.

These combination units often features an integrated seating surface or one that is freestanding. This provides comfort as well as convenience for those who enjoy a hot soak, but also want to keep safety at the forefront. Hand rails are another useful addition to these units, and can either be permanently affixed to the walls of the enclosure or attached via suction cups.

Elderly individuals with skeletal or muscular limitations benefit greatly from corner units that combine both tub and shower features. Such configurations are ideal because they permit easier installation of seats. Having a place to rest and regain stability while bathing and showering is something most senior citizens greatly appreciate. The safety and peace of mind that come from these types of units are sure to prove priceless.