Stone Resin Freestanding Bath

Excelsior Stone Cast Freestanding Bath: The Perfect Centerpiece for Modern Bathrooms

A freestanding bath in your bathroom makes a bold modern day chic statement, especially when it's made of excelsior cast stone. The bath that is made from cast stone will have full colour that runs through the entire tub rather than only on the surface. This means your colour will allow you remove any scratches or markings from the surface. Resilient beauty free of structural weaknesses and without fault lines these are a beautiful addition to any bath. Warmer to the touch than quarried materials and retaining the heat of your bath longer these are much stronger and more durable when compared to their plastic counterparts.

Ultimate Bath Experience

Most people erroneously believe that cast stone baths aren't comfortable, they've obviously never tired them. Smooth to the touch and retaining the heat of the water longer which eliminates the need to keep adding more hot water to your bath.  These are by far the most comfortable tub options available. No need to worry about cracks or irreparable damage for years to come these are easy to repair without having to remove the tub. You'll save a lot of time and money on these tub models.

Installation and Cleaning

These baths are easy to clean and maintain with a non abrasive material like a glass cleaner. Non porous surfaces mean no worries about mould, mildew or fungi. Easy to repair burns and scratches with a simple buffing and chips are easy to repair as well. Due to their freestanding style they are easy to access from all sides for cleaning and maintenance. No more troublesome chores of trying to reach those far corners. The plumbing is what attaches this tub to the room and you'll want to select a tub style that lies on the floor on has adjustable legs to accommodate the plumbing requirements.

Making Your Choice

When selecting your tub remember what its main use will be. Will it be for long luxurious soaks at the end of a difficult day? Will you need an extra long or extra deep style? Are you planning on having two people in the tub? All of these things must be taken into consideration as well as the size of your bathroom prior to purchasing your new tub. It should comfortably fit into your bathroom and you'll want to ensure that the bathroom flooring can support the weight of your fully filled tub.

A cast stone material will be customised in design and construction so there will be many models to select from including softer angles, gentle curves and decorative edges with built in conveniences such as soap and shampoo holders. Materials can be thermoformed which makes them ideal for contemporary and traditional looks. Excelsior cast stone tubs are ideal to reflect and show off your style while blending in perfectly with your bathroom. Modern design to natural stone looks give you many options for keeping your room in style and reflecting your own personal flair. Remember, this will become the centerpiece to your new bathroom so make your choice based upon your likes and dislikes, the amount of room you have to work with and the cost.