Stone One Freestanding Bath

How I Updated My Bathroom By Installing A Freestanding Bathtub

A couple of years ago, I moved into my house in Sydney.  I never liked the way the bathroom looked.  It had a very dated appearance.  There was an ancient black bathtub up against three of the bathroom walls.  It had beige colour tiles, which really didn't look very good with that black bathtub.  It had a very small wash basin, and although I didn't have anything specifically against the WC, there wasn't anything I really liked about it either.  I had looked at a different house before buying this one.  It had a beautiful freestanding bath.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the house didn't have what I wanted.  I was pretty broke after moving into a new house, so I didn't have any extra money to remodel the bathroom.

This year, however, I changed jobs and was earning more money.   So I decided it was time to remodel my bathroom.  In the mornings, I take a shower.  However, I love taking a bath to relax and wash all the stresses away that come from a long day at work.  However, it wasn't very appealing with the state that the bathroom was in.

I started searching online for bathroom accessories and furniture.  I was very impressed with the wide array of choices that are available these days in the marketplace.  It was a drawback in a way, because I wasn't sure where to start.  However, I was certain about one thing.  I knew I had to have an elegant, beautiful freestanding bathtub, like the ones I saw at many different websites.

I think I looked at a few dozen different modes of freestanding bathtubs and sent out numerous e-mails asking about product specifications before making my final decision.  I decided on a Stone One freestanding bathtub.  It was available in numerous different colours.  I couldn't decide between fuchsia pink and white.  Eventually I decided to go with the white bathtub, that way it would go with any kind of home decor that I decided to use in the future.  The freestanding bathtub that I selеcted was the Stone One 1500mm freestanding bathtub.  There is a larger size available, however my bathroom has somewhat limited space, and I wanted to be able to walk comfortably around it.

The next item I selеcted for my bathroom was a wash basin that came with elegant curved edges to match my freestanding bathtub.  It was surprising how well they went together, since I didn't buy it from the same place that I got my bathtub from.  I also, of course, replaced the toilet.  The old one would have certainly looked out of place in the middle of my new bathroom furnishings.

I also bought a spacious new bathroom cabinet to finish the bathroom's look.  It is large enough to house all of my toiletries.  For the opposite wall, I installed a full-length mirror.  Having two mirrors in the room allows me to view myself from every angle.  This comes in handy when getting ready to go out at night.

I also bought some nice bamboo plants.  I put them on a shelf as well as on the floor.

To add some colour and interest, I purchased some clear glass jars.  I filled the jars with small bath soaps and bath salts.  I ended up with just the result I wanted.  Now I have a bathroom that I can truly enjoy and relax in after a long, stressful day.