Small Tub And Shower Combo

Small Tub and Shower Combo-Practicality and Convenience Redifined

Bathroom remodeling can be done for numerous reasons such as value increment, or for decorative purposes. However, practicality and convenience have to be among the top most priorities if you are to enjoy the new experience after the project. If these two factors rank high on your list, then the tub-shower combo has to be one of a bathroom’s hardware you should consider fixing. The unique combo also comes in a small tub version ideal for limited spaces, kid’s bathrooms or guest houses. Compared to the elegant options on today’s market such as the deep soaking freestanding tubs, the combos can seem quite limiting indeed which is a drawback in itself but it also has its edge over most.


It is good to be realistic and as much as having a large tub that facilitates deep soaking is great, it can be pointless in the current world we live where every second counts. We live in a fast paced world where spending an hour in a tub should be the least of your worries. The tub-shower combination provides you with options where you can take a quick shower or relax in the tub when time is available. Besides this, the fact that our water sources continue diminishing by the day calls for every home to indeed limit the scarce resource to preserve future generations. These combos provide great water efficiency in the sense that quick showers translate to less water usage. Space is also well utilized by using these units in the bathroom as it means that no extra space is required for a separate shower.


The type of tub installed in the bathroom always sets the agenda by giving you an idea of the type of décor to go for. Currently, the variety of bathroom remodeling designs is infinite ranging from the tile design to the type of floor and lighting. It therefore would be in your best interest to choose a tub that offers flexibility especially in the materials used. Tub-shower units provide great flexibility with customized options using various materials such as marble with a smooth acrylic finish to it for durability.


Tub-shower combinations in the past were not very popular and it is not hard to see why. The materials used such as fiber glass and curved acrylic were not easy on the eye and on installation applications as well. This prompted manufactures to up their game which they did in style by providing a number of options. Now you can find these units in a variety of amazing designs and colors to match any taste or preference. The color schemes are indeed bold, with glazed patterns on the tiles for decorative purposes. Material diversification is also evident ranging from thick acrylic for durability to marble for elegance. The thoughtful and unique designs is will however catch your eye most such as the tub that is sold in several pieces with the front and back wall separately. You also have the option of installing a walk-in unit fully designed with a shower seat ideal for the elderly. When it comes to the tub-shower combinations, you will most definitely get spoilt for choice.