Saba Freestanding 1500mm Lima Stone Bathtub

Affordable Luxury- The Saba Freestanding 1500mm Lima Stone Bathtub

The bathroom used to be ignored in terms of a home's design and style.  However, it has evolved into the new space for making a bold artistic statement.  The Saba freestanding 1500mm lime stone bathtub makes an ideal addition to any modern bathroom.  Lima stone is made out of composite material, combining synthetic aggregates with natural stone to provide the level of strength that normally is only found in freestanding high-quality stone bathtubs.  However, lima stone is a lot less expensive than solid stone, which makes it a perfect option for those who would like to have the luxury that stone baths offer but can't afford it.

The Ultimate Bathing Experience 

If you tend to have very stressful work days, the ability to enjoy a nice, warm bath is something that is definitely worth investing in.  Lima stone is smooth and natural, providing you with the perfect amount of comfort.  It also retains heat very well, so you can always take as long of a warm bath as you want.  A lima stone bathtub also has a roomy internal bathing area that is bigger than most other types of baths.  It doesn't require feet, so the depth is greater.  This is ideal for daily deep baths, which is something not too many people can enjoy unless they go to a spa.


Just like any other kind of freestanding stone bathtub, it is very important to make sure that there is enough space in the bathroom for the tub to fit comfortably.  Fortunately, the Saba freestanding 1500mm lima stone bathtub is designed to be placed against a wall.  That means it should be a good fit for any medium-sized bathroom.  Just make sure that an expert does the plumbing.  If you don't, there could be problems later.  The good news is, you won't need to worry about visible plumbing.  This type bathtub lies flat to the floor, so the plumbing is concealed.

Maintenance Issue

Since lima stone is a non-porous material, you won't ever need to worry about  mould, fungi or bacteria forming in the corners of the freestanding stone bathtub.  Also, this type of stone is stain-resistant, so the natural colour will last for many years.  Cuts, stains and nicks permanently damage most other types of surfaces.  However, lima stone bathtubs are resilient and strong against this type of damage.  For accidental and minor damages, it is easy to get repair work done on-site.  This will save you lots of inconvenience and time.  Whenever you buy a bathtub, make sure you ask about the warranty to cover any minor damages that may occur during installation.

All that is needed to return the surface of the bathtub to its original condition is a small amount of sanding and polishing.  Routine cleaning on a regular basis will help retain your bathtub's colour and brilliance.  If hard water dries on the bathtub's surface, the tub may develop a blotchy appearance.  To wipe the tub clean, just use a mild cream abrasive cleaner along with a wet sponge or cloth.

The Saba freestanding 1500mm lima stone bathtub has an impressive design and makes an ideal focal point for a contemporary bathroom.  It comes in tin matte white along with a high gloss finish.