B & Q Bathtubs

B & Q and Their Freestanding Bathtubs

In Victorian times people with more money to their name often had the luxury of a freestanding bathtub. No-one in those times had or could even conceive of the built-in baths that are quite normal in our times. However, those freestanding bathtubs still have the feeling of luxury today just as in the Victorian era. They are not only elegant but add a touch of glamor to any bathroom.

B & Q are proud to be a leading freestanding bathtub supplier in Australia and there are many advantages to using a B & Q bathtub. AS mentioned above, a freestanding tub gives the whole bathroom a much more luxurious and elegant feel to it as opposed to a regular built-in bathtub. Actually these freestanding tubs make your whole bathroom look larger (even if it isn’t!) The fact that it the tub is not fixed to a wall but standing on its own gives the feeling of more space and considering that the bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, it is a wonder not more people have thought of using these freestanding baths. Using a freestanding bathtub will give you the freedom to design and decorate the bathroom around its main feature and give you a totally unique bathroom. Also using these bathtubs will allow the whole of the bathroom floor to be seen and emphasised and it will showcase your floor covering, whether it is beautiful mosaic tiles, large tiles or even hardwood.

Certainly visitors to your home will appreciate your unique bathroom and its fixtures. Every woman can see herself lounging back luxuriously in a freestanding bathtub just like in the movies! Don’t be surprised if homes of your friends and family get a bathroom makeover with a freestanding tub! It is only when you actually see what this tub can do for bathroom ambiance, that you can envision it in your own home.

B & Q have many different designs of freestanding tubs. One of their most popular designs is the claw foot freestanding bath which is very reminiscent of a tub in the Victorian era. They also have several other styles and even a corner bath and although this model usually does end up in a corner of a bathroom, you are definitely not restricted to any location of this bath because of plumbing issues. In fact, should you decide you want your corner bath in another corner of the bathroom, this is an easy thing to do. Also, these corner baths come in different but interesting shapes and they usually come with five sides. These baths are great as they are often big enough for at least two people (maybe more) and you can also have the option to have these baths fitted with air jets or water jets so you can enjoy a soothing massage while you bathe.

These freestanding baths come in different designs and their prices usually depends on the materials used in the bath and the size of the bath. If you want additional features (like jets) they will, of course, be extra. Of course a freestanding bathtub made of marble will definitely be in the higher price category, but on the other hand you can often find an acrylic bathtub on special that is a good fit for most budgets. They also come in a wide variety of colors.

Check out these beautiful B & Q freestanding tubs and discover what luxury bathing is all about.